Greetings From Reality

by Final Command

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Recorded and mixed during the first half of 2011.
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released July 11, 2011

Isak Hellgren - guitar, lead vocals
Gustav Svärd - bass, backing vocals
Ludvig Sunnemark - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Special thanks to Studiefrämjandet Lidköping and Sockerbrukets Ungdomsverksamhet.




Final Command Sweden

Punk/alternative rock-group from Lidköping, Sweden, est. 2009.

Isak - guitar, vocals
Gustav - bass
Ludvig - drums

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Track Name: Intro: Keyboard Cat
Track Name: Lose All Control
Vers 1
Smashing your head to the stage
Jumping around in furious rage
Circle pits, moshpits: you lost all control
Giving meaning to you soul

Forget everything, lose all control
Forget the pain, destroy your brain
Forget the sorrow, there is no tomorrow

Vers 2
Stagediving is the ultimate fun
Jump towards everyone
Run around in the circle pit
Ignore your safety, it's not worth a shit
Track Name: It's Kebab Time!
It's Kebab time x4

Kebab time, it's kebab time x8

Kebab, it's delicious
Let's grind 'em all to meat
Powerful and vicious
Their wages are obscene
Dishonest and corrutped
They take you as a fool
They take you all for granted
You're just another tool
Track Name: Power To Kill
Vers 1
Gear up to battle with anger and hate
As you feel the fire burning in you
It's in your veins giving you power
Giving you the power to kill
Rushing foreward against your enemy
With a mighty sword in your hand
Killing enemys fast and furious
Nothing can stop you now

Hˆjning 1
Is comming for you

With the power to kill

Vers 2
In the heat of the battle you feel the rush
As the blood keep boiling in your veins
You show the no mercy this night
As the darkness closes in
You cut them down with pure hate
And show the what pain means
You have been killing for hours
And you never want to stop

Hˆjning 2
Is comming for you

Vers 3
The fire in your heart will never stop burning
It has always been there tearing you apart
Death is creeping in the shadows
Waiting for a chance to strike
The battle is over and you are left alone
The screams of terror are gone
You are alone with rotting corpses
Waiting for death's toll

Hˆjning 3
Is comming for you

Sista Ref.
With the power to kill
You will die
You will die
Track Name: Medic is a Spy
Medic Is A Spy
Medic Is A Spy
Medic Is A Spy
Medic Is A Spy

Fry him
Stab him
Medic Is A Spy
Track Name: Thrash Assault
Vers 1
You're standing in the front of us, you're standing all still
When you should be raging and getting ready to kill
You fucking shits, start to thrash
Bang your heads 'till you're smashed

Thrash Assault x4

Vers 2
Your all now, thrashing all around
To metal destroying your ears
It's in you, taking you over
And destroying you slowly from inside

Vers 3
Release your energy in the sweaty fog
As you leave the posers behind
They can't get you because your thrashing
You're at the top of the world
Track Name: The Black Plague
vers 1
They came from nowhere and made it worse
Rats of death, bringing the curse
They struck society, with chaos and fear
Stricken with desease, kill everyone near

Black plague is always by your side
There's no shelter, nowhere to hide

Humanity decreased
Hell's wrath unleashed
Forsaken is the land
Slain by my hand

Vers 2
Merciless reaper knocks on your door
Leaving you lifeless, dead on the floor
Run to your mansion, lock up your gate
Try to escape, black plague is your fate

Vers 3
Angel of death has no remorse
Killing with a brutal force
The only survivors are a lucky few
But it's not over, he's comming for you
Track Name: D.I.Y.
Vers 1
Profit hunting labels, and greedy CEO's
Imposing commercial values, having creative control
Their necessity, it's lost. We don't need them anymore
We can do it D.I.Y, what are they good for?

Vers 2
Intellectual property, is a concept full of shit
When we have the technology, there's nothing you can do about it
You are unnecessary, you can't win these fights
Stop hunting us down, you are the parasites
Track Name: The Legacy
Half of the world in slavery
Because of global economy
Third world countries in exploitation
Because of alienation
European capitalism
And cultural imperialism
Has made this world an oligarchy
Where the rich have the hegemony

Doomsday must be here
Overwhelmed by cruelty and fear
Doomsday is upon us now
Politicians can't stop it somehow

In control, economic powers
Whom systematically devours
The working class' collective soul
Everything's beyond control!
And the politicians can't do shit
'Cause they're all a part of it
They made the economy superior
And made the people inferior
Track Name: I Don't Want To Be Buried Alive
What the point of being
It's always the same thing
People are always greedy
They don't cares about anything else
You can't trust no one
Because no one cares for you
Everyone just wants money
And to take it all from you

Don't wanna be buried alive
Don't wanna be buried alive
We can't do shit, we can no longer see

We are empty shadows, obeying just to be

You are only important when you work
Otherwise you're problematic
We are bought and payed for
By the system of society
Because we can't do shit
Because we can no longer see
We are now empty shadows
Obeying just to be

Don't wanna be buried alive
Don't wanna be buried alive
We can't do shit, we can no longer see
We are empty shadows, obeying just to be
Track Name: Mass Destruction
Vers 1
Glowing balls of fire, Destructive desire
Falling from the sky, everyone will die
Hatred from both sides, nuclear tides
Radiated decay, blowing everyone away


Vers 2
Infinite death, with massive power
Nuclear weapons, in nuclear shower
West versus east, doomsday unleashed
They sky is black, it's the final attack
Track Name: Final Command
ers 1
Running towards the fight
Horror and dread in my sight

Bullets flying over my head
Soon we'll all be dead

Vers 2
The screams are so loud
And I'm just one in the crowd

Exposions and smoke
Pain it will evoke

The pain is extreme
The sight is obscene
Awaiting the order of death
Take your last breath


Vers 3
Hearing death's bell
We're all going to hell

Mud on my boots, blood om my hands
Awaiting the Final command