No Order

from by Final Command

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For Guy Debord


Look at them! Adjusting forcefully
Look at them! Consuming passively
Look at them! Acting submissively
Look at them! They all feel misery
Society! It's a specatcle, graphically
Society! It's an act, completely
Society! Puts us in custody
Society! Fights us through imagery

The stuff that you buy is the way that they keep you
Trapped in the boredom of living
Markets and prices, devices to hold you
Trapped under ice, still breathing

Social roles, making us actresses
Social roles, making us waitresses
Social roles, in this great absurd play
Social roles, selling our time and place
Social roles, structuring us instinctly
Social roles, taking over reality
Social roles, making us commodities
Social roles, the reason to misery

Yet it's from these roles that we must exercise
A platform to destroy society
In the future our roles will be gone
And we can all live freely

Through no order there will be order,
action and equality
By abolishing value we will find value,
and our own true meaning


from Life In Limbo, released February 14, 2013




Final Command Sweden

Punk/alternative rock-group from Lidköping, Sweden, est. 2009.

Isak - guitar, vocals
Gustav - bass
Ludvig - drums

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